Looking for a new product line to carry in your store? We are a woman-owned boutique, specializing in handcrafted, cruelty free, organic products designed to indulge your senses and nurture your well-being. From hydrating massage oil candles to luxurious bath and body treats, natural perfume oils, CBD topicals and more. Each item is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail.

Our commitment to is quality and sustainability. Our unique take on providing handcrafted luxury and self-care is evident in each product we craft.


Mists & Melts


Selecting Scents by the Bay as your wholesale partner for natural and unique massage oil candles, bath, and body products offers several advantages:

Natural Ingredients
We prioritize using natural and high-quality ingredients in our products, which can be appealing to customers seeking organic and environmentally friendly options.
Unique Product Range
While we may not have everything online yet, we offer a diverse range of products, including massage oil candles and bath & body items that can help you attract a wider customer base looking for unique and innovative products. Our Massage Oil candles are definintely one of our most talked about unique products on the market!
Health-Conscious Consumers
With increasing awareness about the potential harmful effects of synthetic ingredients in personal care products, partnering with a brand like us, known for our natural formulations, can appeal to health-conscious consumers.
Exclusivity and Differentiation
Partnering with a unique brand like us at Scents by the Bay can differentiate your offerings from competitors, potentially attracting customers seeking something different and exclusive.
Supporting Small Businesses
Supporting smaller, independent businesses like us can align with values of community support and ethical business practices, which can resonate with customers who prefer to shop local or support small enterprises.
Customer Experience
We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer excellent service, we partner with you to enhance the overall customer experience Рfrom working with us, as well as helping you work with your clients Р leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.
Brand Reputation and Image
We have been working hard to cuiltivate a positive brand reputation, known for producing high-quality, effective, and ethically sourced products, aligning with us can enhance the reputation and image of your own business.
Customization and Collaboration
Working with us as a smaller, boutique brand, we offer more flexibility for customization and collaboration on product development, packaging, or marketing strategies tailored to your target market.

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